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Explore Our Histopathology Services

We offer a range of histopathology services to suit our client needs from the NHS and private sectors. We take our commitment seriously when it comes to delivering the best service to our service users. 


Explore the brief summary of our services here:


  • Market leading turnaround times 

  • In-house courier service available 24/7

  • Specimen dissection and processing

  • Routine (H&E) staining

  • Special Stains

  • Immunohistochemistry stains

  • Second opinion network

  • Short and long term service solutions


At Biomed Laboratory Limited we treat every sample with utmost importance and ensure every sample received contains the correct patient information. Our staff has taken the duty to ensure the sample is monitored throughout the lab and is processed within timely manner. 


Wet Specimens


We are committed to the safety of our patient samples; we provide containers containing formalin that helps to fix the specimens and prevents specimen degradation. 


Pre-prepared Blocks


Our in-house couriers are provided with special boxes designed for collection or delivery of pre-prepared blocks. Similarly, they have been provided with slide boxes ensuring that all the blocks and slides are delivered with care.  


Courier Collection


Our dedicated in-house couriers are available 24/7 working hard to deliver and collect wet specimens, prepared blocks and slides back and forth. Their vehicles are fitted trackers that allow us to monitor them every step of the way ensuring the safety of the specimens, our driver and help us prepare accordingly for our day to day work.  


Our drivers are well trained in receiving the specimens, handling wet specimens, blocks and slides with best care possible. 


Customer Support


Our office administrators are fully trained in dealing with laboratory managers, clients and patient queries. 


We use multichannel communication methods to meet the demands of our clients. Whether it is microsoft teams, zoom, email or via telephone to discuss any enquiries from our clients. 


Our office administrators also manage the process from sample receipt to reporting and returning the slides. 


Our team of scientific and laboratory professionals are available to offer technical and diagnostic advice and any queries regarding logistics and delivery of results.

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